why you need a bbf

You wouldn't think a low-stress certified doggie daycare business and a public relations freelancer would have that much in common. Really, they are such different businesses. But when it comes down to it, Stefania of Mindful Mutts and I have so many similar experiences, struggles, joys, and lessons learned. It honestly makes perfect sense that she has become my 'BBF'. 

25 things to nail down before turning 25

When I was 12, I was felt so certain of what life at 25 would be like. I knew what job I'd want (teacher), the house I'd live in (a big white one), the man I'd marry (Prince Charming), and the lifestyle I'd live (luxurious). I'd be traveling the world, with money in the bank, and my shit would be considered to be together. 

Yeah, none of that ended up coming true. 

summer sangrias

There's something special about August evenings. There's no oranger orange than when the sun sets in August. The temperature is just right. It's the best time of year for sitting outside enjoying a cool drink. 

the first vibrant lives foundation award has finally been awarded

For those who don't know, or are newer to In A SequoiaThe Vibrant Lives Foundation is my non-profit organization that looks to engage youth to end the stigma surrounding mental illness, and ultimately mental health in general. If Public Relations freelancing is my career passion, and In A Sequoia is my creative heartbeat, then Vibrant Lives is the blood that courses through my veins. It's something I could never let go and a calling I need to fulfill while on this Earth. 

weekend brunch made easy with modo

As a solopreneur, carving out time to spend with friends is so important but often over looked. Except, when your friend is ready to give birth to her first child, it's vital to make it happen! Both parenthood and building a business automatically make your schedules a little, let's say, crazy. So fitting in quality time before my friend Caroline's son was born was priority one for me.