summer solstice dinner party

June 20th marked the longest day of the year, also known as the Summer Solstice. The official start of summer is like so many other milestones on the calendar: New Years, birthdays, etc. A time to reflect and take stock of what's in our lives. A time to be grateful for the things and the people we love. So I decided to throw a spectacularly colourful, fun, and summery summer solstice dinner to celebrate those closest to me.

5 tips to holding yourself accountable

One of the scary thoughts for many of us branching out to be a bad-ass boss babe is the question of how to hold ourselves accountable. After all, there's no supervisor or manager to watch over you, ensuring you keep your focus on your work. You're all on your own. How are you going to keep your eye on the prize, day in and day out, as you work to grow your business or side hustle?