eye spy new style

I was a weird child. Like how I hated pizza until I was in high school. Or how I became insanely logical and refused to play make-believe when they asked me what kingdom I was the princess of at Disneyland. Then there was the fact that, with every visit to the eye doctor, I would hope he'd tell me I needed glasses.

the latest hustle

As part of living #thesequoialife fully this year, I'm putting more strategic efforts into my side hustles. At any given time, I have three to five hustles on the go, ranging in size and effort. Am I an addict? Yes. Do I mind? No. Side hustles are fun! 

read my lips

I often find the lipstick I pick sets my mood for the day. Or maybe the mood of the day determines the lipstick I pick? Chicken or egg, I love what my lipstick choice says about me. So I'm sharing my favourite three shades and how they impact my attitude.