playing in a virtual world

I studied Interactive Art & Technology at a time where Virtual Reality (VR) was still inaccessible to the masses. It was fun to hypothesize the possibilities and theorize how the technology could be used, but it was not yet in the realm of feasibility to test and execute on the world. Today, not that long after I graduated, the world is a different place. And when my parents visited the other week, I took them to the House of VR

exploring wines of niagara

Despite the fact that I don't think anything will beat the love I have for Okanogan wine, we had a wonderful time exploring the vast wine country of the east. In total, we sampled from eight or nine different wineries, and I walked away with a bottle from five of them.

toronto studio home tour

I get a lot of questions about my apartment. Mainly, how is it I manage to live comfortably in 239 square feet? Where a lot of people imagine me living life like Harry Potter, I'm actually really pleased with my tiny studio apartment. To show just how lovely it can be, I have finally photographed it in all it's glory - every square foot (almost, no one wants to see a toilet right?).