This is Megan.

She runs One in Five Apparel. She empowers others through storytelling. She is unapologetically vulnerable. Megan te Boekhorst never let her mental illness prevent her from building her own empire.

Bringing her bold approach into the lives of entrepreneurs struggling to support their mental health, Megan leaves a trail of young creatives leading meaningful businesses and meaningful lives in her wake. 

Living mindfully. Building community. Growing together. These are her pillars. 

Business owners who, in the hustle of launching and growing, forgot to care for their mental health along the way. Creatives who struggle to find meaning in their work. Aspiring business owners who fear their mental illness will prevent them from fulfilling their calling. They are the souls she serves with her whole heart. 

Megan’s magic has been affirmed and celebrated by many sources. CityNews, Daily Hive, and The Globe and Mail to name but a few. Her circle are grateful for her driven energy, her passionate presence and her unwavering commitment to challenging our misconceptions on mental illness.

Megan te Boekhorst