Three Down, So Much More To Go

I also like to call this my ‘accidental business’ because originally this was something just for me. But when I started wearing my little creation out in public, I realized I had something very powerful and very influential on my hands.

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The Boldly Vulnerable Series: Sophia Ruffolo, Femmebought

For Episode 03, I chatted with the founder and CEO of Femmebought, Sophia Ruffolo. I have been following Femmebought’s growth for some time now and am in love with what Sophia is doing both locally and globally. And it doesn’t hurt that Sophia might just be In A Sequoia’s number one fan - seriously.

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Season's Light: Aurora Winter Festival Vancouver

While in Vancouver, I’ve been spending quality time with old friends - in the ‘have been in my life for a long time’ sense, not the age sense. And when Shawna and I get together, it’s a guaranteed ridiculous time. So we drove out to the Aurora Winter Festival to take in the beauty of the season and rekindle our child-like sense of wonder.

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I Lost a Piece of Myself Since Moving To Toronto

I’m sitting on a full flight, mid-air, traveling back to Vancouver for the first time since 2016. My back is aching, the man behind me is snoring, and a guy in front of me keeps rubbing something on his joints that burns my nose. Due to 14 passengers needing to connect to our flight, we had been stuck on the tarmac - fully boarded - for an hour before take off. Safe to say, I am eager to get home for more reasons than to see my family. 

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LifestyleMegan te Boekhorst
The Boldly Vulnerable Series: Mental Health and Entrepreneurship Panel

To officially launch The Boldly Vulnerable Series, and in celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week, I hosted a panel conversation diving deep into the topic of mental health and entrepreneurship. We explored why entrepreneurs are particularly susceptible to experiencing mental illness, how we can better support our personal and community mental health, as well as providing tips for managing your business while experiencing a mental health setback.

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Let's Talk More About Mental Health and Entrepreneurship

I’ve been in the entrepreneurial space for a few years now, thanks to my side hustles and my work at Futurpreneur. And I noticed an unsettling trend then, but it’s becoming more apparent now: we don’t like to talk about our mental health. Sure, business owners will talk about not getting enough sleep, and you can find a ton of fluff pieces on self-care as an entrepreneur. But we seem to shy away from getting into the meat of our mental health and any experience with mental illness.

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Uh, Wait. How Do I Get Clients?

I love my work. I love developing public relations plans that blend both the creative and the strategic. I love building content plans that share truly inspiring and motivating stories. And I love the surprise and joy of trying new things and creating every day.

But in order to do any of that, I need clients who want to pay me for my work.

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CareerMegan te Boekhorst
The Struggle Of Being Always 'On'

When you own your own business, there’s pressure to always be ‘on’ and able to bring it 100% of the time. Especially working in a co-working space, I can run into clients, meet potential new leads, or be asked what it is I do at any second of any day. And I’m not going to lie, sometimes I’m too tired to pitch myself, to outline what makes me different, or to answer a handful of questions about a specific strategy I’ve proposed out of the blue.

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