body image is not a constant, it's an ever-morphing blob

Some days, a lot of days lately, I am feelin' good. I feel confident, fun and sexy. I am happy with my way in life, know I am doing some good in the world, and think myself to be a pretty entertaining person to be around. These are the days I find myself more willing to flirt with the cute barista or desire a night out on the town with my friends. The outfit I've got on is rocking and is a awesome representation of who I am and how I want to show up in the world.

If I could capture this feeling in a photo, it would look a little something like this:


A little playful bite of the lip. Hair working somewhat in my favour (I can only ask so much of it). Comfortable, casual but cute outfit. In nature where my heart belongs. These are the days where I'm rocking it.

But there are some days where I feel like an awkward fat girl bumbling my way through life. Don't know where I'm going or why I am where I am. Super out of place, alone and not a clue about the world around me. These days are captured as so:

Fun fact, both photos were taken on the same day.

I am okay with the fact that there are some days where I don't have it all together. Don't like what I'm wearing, how I look or how I feel. As long as the good days outnumber these awkward days, I'm doing really great. Because I am still a little awkward inside, so they are bound to happen. My self-confidence levels on my body image are always changing, ever shifting.

And these awkward days teach me something. They remind me I am awesome enough to get out of the house when I feel like a supreme dork who should hide indoors. They remind me that even people who seem like they have it all 99% of the time, still will walk out the door wearing two different shoes (true story, happened to me once). And they humble me. I know I'm not 'all that' believe me, but these awkward days remind me that I am here to reach out to others who may be feeling alone and lost. Don't get caught up in having some super cool client or some super cool job. Keep grounded. Stay rooted in who you are.

So if you are feeling like a bumbling idiot at some point, embrace is. Own that awkward attitude. Let it show you something the rocking version of you can't uncover. And share what you've uncovered.

And don't forget to photograph the bumbling moments. 'Cause they're hilarious to look at after.

Megan te Boekhorst