this blogging community is great

I love bloggers. They are like a giant pile of pillows that support you and love you and cuddle with you. One such blogger who I adore is Aussie Jess May. Like me, she has a thing for naughty words, getting real and ignoring social constraints. Somehow, this chickie is amazingly lucky and won a holiday to Hamilton Island. I'm just over here in Vancouver freezing my wet butt off (total lie, we've been blessed with unseasonal summer weather here. It's getting close to worrisome) while she's snorkeling and relaxing and being all blissed out. While she is MIA, her blog is being sourced with incredible guest posts and you cannot believe how honoured I am to be included (and the first one at that!)

Check out the post here, now.

And make sure you check out the guest posts to come as they are all bound to inspire you in some way. And subscribe to her blog to keep up to date with her crazy relationship journey.