we should appreciate vulnerability

How do you feel when you kiss someone for the first time? When you first tell them you love them?

How about when you're seeing yourself completely naked? Even if you're all alone?

What if you're about to give a big presentation at school or work? Just about to start, staring out at the faces eagerly awaiting what you have to say.

All of these experiences can be pretty terrifying. They put us in a raw, vulnerable place and that makes us uncomfortable. We worry if someone will think we are a bad kisser, or moving too fast. We are self contentious, focusing on what we perceive as flaws. We fear making a mistake or wording our mixes.

I mean, mixing our words.

But there's such a beauty in these vulnerable places. They are where we grow the most. When we step into areas of vulnerability, we are opening ourselves to the potential of incredible, life changing experiences.

We see this in goal coaching all the time. When people are afraid to get vulnerable, it reflects in the goals they set. They limit their own potential. They don't go for what they truly want. There's a lack of vibrancy in their energy after the session.

But when people push past the fear associated with vulnerability, and they start digging into those messy areas, real progress is made. Connections are formed. Action plans come to light, and a real drive to rock those goals begins to vibrate inside every bone. Euphoria sets in. It's electrifying.


So don't fear vulnerability. Appreciate it. Long for it. Search it out. Putting yourself in a vulnerable place is putting yourself in a space for development and new beginnings. It's a path towards being exactly who you want to be.

Remember that next time you're on a first date. Or if you're a horse picking out what roller skates to wear.

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