what is vibrant lives?

I am so excited for The Boutique to open this Thursday. I cannot believe this day arrived. I always had the feeling I would be preparing forever and ever and I would never sell anything. But that is not happening, it's almost time to open the online doors.

My original plan included highlighting various aspects of The Boutique over the course of the past month, gearing up to opening day. But as we all know, life throws us curve balls. Mine in the form of an ass bite from my depression. Before all that started, I did manage to post two, so you are able to read all about the why behind The Boutique and have your first introduction to the chakra collection. But the rest pretty much remains a mystery. So I guess Thursday will be a bit of a surprise (and hopefully delight).

However, there is one key aspect of The Boutique I don't want to remain quiet. It is a huge part of the 'why' and my drive for this whole movement to be a success. It is the Vibrant Lives scholarship and it has been a dream of mine for quite some time.

From every item sold, both products and services, 10% will be going to the foundation and continued funding of a scholarship for high school graduates. The logistics haven't been fully worked out yet, but the idea is this: students create things to end the stigma around mental health. Whether it's a poster, a short YouTube movie or a sculpture. The medium isn't important as long as it is a creative form. And it's aim must be to end the stigma. There will be a scholarship selection committee formed and one student (hopefully more as we grow) will receive a scholarship for their work and be featured both here and at VibrantLivesStories.com, along with all their future successes. The goal is for the first student to received a scholarship be a member of the 2016 graduating class (these things take time to start!).

But it can only be done with your help. Everyone at in a sequoia (all one and a half of us) is either completing their university degree or just stepping out into their career. So as much as the desire to help others is strong, our pockets are empty ourselves. The goal is to make $500 for the first scholarship. Be a part of helping to end the stigma and to grow an incredible future leader. If you have any questions about the fund, how exactly your purchase or donation works or anything, please email us at connect@inasequoia.com. We want this to be a community thing, we want it to be open and transparent. If you want to do more, there will be a donation option available and 100% of all donations will go straight to the students. If in the end everyone ends up donating without purchase, we will still pay all the costs of maintaining this out of our own pockets. (But we'd appreciate the help on that too).

Let's inspire change.

Megan te Boekhorst