when hate and your past mix

For some strange reason, people get really weird when you talk about your past and regrets. If you feel no regrets about your past, no one believes you. You must regret something. But if you do wish you could go back and have a do-over, you're shamed for regretting it.

You are supposed to hate parts of your history, and be embarrassed about that hate.

Here's the deal though, every moment of our past was a step we had to take to get to where we are today. All of those happy, sad, embarrassing, awkward, painful, devastating, dumb, exciting, thrilling, boring, meaningless, fulfilling moments lead to the one we are in right now. And because you are such an incredible person, the moment you are in right now is worth being in.

So you can't hate your past. You can't hate your history. Because it brought you to your current life. You can't have your past if you enjoy/love/are happy with/smile in your present.

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Megan te Boekhorst