get giving: the boho spirit

Freedom and adventure ignites their spirit. They walk their own path and have a blast while doing it. A little wild, but always supportive of their tribe. Sees beauty in the unique. Lover of art and culture.

Here's the 2014 holiday gift guide for the boho spirit in your life.

wave mala

The perfect, beach inspired mala for the boho girl. Amazonite stones for soothing and balance, turquoise promoting strength and spiritual attunement, and aventurine enhancing creativity and prosperity. This mala calms the inner most spirit like the waves of an ocean. It will become the staple mala of your boho's wardrobe.

where to get: Tiny Devotions

how much: $127

boho marks

Metallic temporary tattoos created by Balsam and Vine, these beautiful designs ensures the boho spirit will always stand out in the crowd. Good for parties or everyday, these marks last for up to six days and come in a  variety of designs changing with every season. Perfect accessory for New Years.

where to get: Balsam and Vine or one of their stockists

how much: $10

thunderbird poncho

Make sure your favourite boho girl stays comfortable and stylish this winter with this gorgeous poncho. Made from a super soft acrylic blend that will keep them warm... whether they're snuggled up on the couch at home or dancing under the moonlight.

where to get: Wild and Heart

how much: $70

tomorrow: the goal getter