get giving: the feminist

Not afraid to call out misogyny or point out your sexist jokes. Connected to her female identity. Cares about how women are viewed in the world and longs for equality. Does not hate men, just wishes for fairness in our male-centric culture. Still loves self-indulgence.

Here's the 2014 holiday gift guide for that kick-ass feminist you admire.

darling issue 10

The art of being a woman is what Darling is all about. And it's not your typical glossy-paged, airbrushed modeled magazine. With photography worthy of being hung on a wall and content worth spending your time reading, their most recent issue (or maybe even a subscription) is the perfect coffee table reader to be under the tree for your feminist.

where to get: Darling's Website or one of their international stockists

how much: $20

beyonce day reminder

A early morning reminder for your feminist that they rock just as much as Queen Bey. Let them know just how much they can accomplish during a day with an 11oz mug.

where to get it: Blushface Paper Goods

how much: $18.85

feminist as fuck sweater

Give your feminist something to cozy up in through the winter. And let them express who they are while doing so! Also a great warning for misogynistic idiots who dare to question women's rights.

where to get: Feminist Apparel

how much: $44.95

affirmation tattoos

Remind your feminist that she can and will take on each challenge that comes her way. Wrist-sized, it can go on your wrist, hand, ribcage, finger, neck or wherever you like to serve as a reminder and inspire you. Temporary and elegant. Also available: beautiful, unstoppable, imperfect and enough.

where to get: Anastasia

how much: $3.00 ($3.50 AUD)

tomorrow: the sweater

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