get giving: the goal getter

Actively perusing their dreams. The kind of person who continually amazes you with all they have accomplished and all they keep setting out to do. A leader and eternal optimist. Empowers and supports you in going after ideas that excite you so much they're scary.

Here's the 2014 holiday gift guide for the goal getters you love.

the desire map journal

Created by Danielle LaPorte, this journal is a series of prompts, questions, quotes and reflections to help you go deeper into your true feelings and dreams. Open it up at any page and start reflecting. The beauty is that it is designed for you to enter it at any point, not in any particular sequence. Follow what inspires you the day you pick it up.

where to get it: Danielle

how much: $25 (but as of December 7th, it's been on sale for $12.50!)

a custom goal getting reminder

Find a local designer who makes products your goal chasing friend would like. Coffee mugs work great for coffee drinkers. Or a Sewn Designs clutch for those always on the go. See if they do custom designs and have something unique made for their unique goals. Recognize their inspirational dreams with a mantra that rings true for them. May we suggest Goal Getter?

where to get it: check out etsy for finding local designers

how much: most designers work from $15+

root to rise - a year of coaching


Every goal getter could use some support. Be it fine tuning their goals or setting up a plan to rock the big, scary ones, a goal coach is there every step of the way. Root to Rise is a package that provides support over the course of a year, with four hour long sessions and multiple check-ins (plus some pretty sweet swag). Because the goal getter wants to feel bliss in knowing where they're at and where they're going. They want confidence in who they are and how they live your life. And yes, you can make this happen for them.

where to get it: in a sequoia

how much: it's pay-what-you-can until December 24th!

tomorrow: the vino