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get giving: the vino

get giving: the vino

The person who picks the bottle for the table, but always makes sure to find out what you'll be eating first. The one who recognizes a label and has probably been to the winery. Absolute wine lover. Probably has a glass in hand now (unless you're reading this before 6:00pm).

Here's the 2014 holiday gift guide for the wino you know.

wine-ny bottle tags

These cheeky, hand-stamped, re-purposed spoons make an excellent addition to any wino's collection. Also including Life Is A Cabernet, You Had Me At Merlot and others, they are sure to make the vino smile. Great decoration for their favourite bottle.

where to get: Any retailer for And Then Again

how much: $18

a bottle of red: red rooster reserve meritage 2012

Everyone goes for the Shiraz or Merlot. Surprise your vino with a Meritage. This Meritage Reserve is the β€˜King of the Flock’ with its beautiful bouquet of red and black berries standing perfectly. The grapes are hand-picked from select vineyards and lots which exhibit the potential to go into our top wines. This bottle is the perfect escape wine on a chilly winter night.

where to get: check your liquor stores or online at Red Rooster Winery

how much: $24.99

a bottle of rose: lastella 2013 lastellina rosato

A Rosato with personality and elegance. It is slightly off-dry and intensely aromatic. This style of Rosato will complement any hot summer day on the patio. The Cabernet Franc adds some beautiful spice and herbal notes while Merlot provides a melange of red and dark fruit notes.

where to get: check out where to find LaStella wines

how much: $21

As you can see, you can easily impress your vino without spending shocking amounts of money on a bottle. These are two of the best the beautiful Okanagan has to offer and are both under $30.

tomorrow: the wanderlust


get giving: the wanderlust

get giving: the wanderlust

get giving: the goal getter

get giving: the goal getter