get giving: the wanderlust

Envisions cities near and far. Craver of cultures and languages they can't understand. Has collected so many frequent flyer miles they can buy an airline. Always ready for the next big trip. And always brings the most amazing souvenirs back for you.

Here's the 2014 holiday gift guide to wow your wanderlust right back.

Tangiers Scarf

A scarf is a travel staple. Especially one as elegant, detailed and stunning as the Tangiers Scarf. A tantalizing hub for foreigners, artists, hippies and mystics, Tangiers is a paradise.  This Moroccan city is full of romance, soul and life. Glamorized by poets, writers and gypsies who arrived on its busy shores seeking adventure, Tangiers is the northern gateway to Africa - a magical port city where anything goes and everything shines. This double-sided pashmina scarf channels the yin and the yang of Tangiers. The blue represents the alluring, sparkling waters of the Mediterranean as well as Morocco’s famous blue doors. It inspires you to take adventures and to always keep your heart and minds open to mystery. The beige side is a reminder to stay grounded and humble, to always count your blessings, and to remember your roots, no matter where in the world your journey takes you. Plus, this beautiful scarf can double as a blanket for the flight over.

where to get: Tiny Devotions

how much: $81

a travel journal

The wanderlust creates memories that need to be put on paper. This journal will allow them to relive their travels even when they're back at home base. And it reminds them to always explore the unknown.

where to get: Chapters/Indigo/Coles

how much: $9

Sarah Mulder's Nomad Collection

The wanderlust loves the uniquely beautiful and foreign. This collection of urban-bohemian jewelry is the perfect combination of both city and country exploration. Designs reminiscent of places far away, these pieces will allow the wanderlust to feel as though they picked this up at a exotic market every time they wear them.

where to get: Sarah or one of her stockists

how much: ranges from $35-$186

tomorrow: the feminist

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