does setting a ten year vision make you feel caged?

When it comes to goals, I love to coach and be coached. As a coach, it's good practice to attend vision and goal sessions led by others. There are so many valuable insights and tricks you can bring from those sessions into your own practice. You are awakened to the experiences of others and are given the opportunity to refocus in on your own goals again.

Just a few weeks ago I took part in a vision and goals session before leaving my position with lululemon athletica. Early on, I noticed a reoccurring theme for not only the others attending the session, but an experience our coach had as well. Numerous participants commented on experiencing a feeling of being caged into a vision they set for themselves. That by making note of how they see their lives in ten years and planning out the goals to get them there, they must stick to that exact plan -- that exact map. Anything less would be failure. Not reaching that vision would be failure. They were stuck and caged into one future.

Sound familiar to you? Read on.

The act of setting out your vision and goals should not metaphorically cage you. Rather, it should set you free. When lying out your ten year vision, it should act as a directional aid for the map of your life. It's the 'X' at the end of the path you're taking. And while traveling down that path, if you happen upon an unexpected fork that entices you and intrigues you, it's okay to head that way and move your 'X'. It's your vision after all, you are free to change it and explore any 'X' that resonates with you and where you are in life.

If you've been feeling caged when trying to set out a ten year vision, work at shifting your perspective. Focus on this new metaphor and open up to the possibility of where your path can take you.

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