overeating because we're malnourished

Trigger warning: talks of eating disorders and depression.

When I tell people I have an eating disorder, generally they look at me like I'm a little nuts. The words 'eating disorder' almost automatically instill an image of a stick person, all skin and bone with no meat. The image of anorexia. Not an overweight person. An overweight person couldn't have an eating disorder, they're just lazy or lack self control or motivation. It couldn't possibly be more than that.

This is because people are so familiar with anorexia, which is a good thing. People have an idea of what bulimia is, once again great. But if I were to share the words EDNOS or binge eating or overeating disorder, I get a lot of blank looks of confusion. And that is not good at all.

I have binge eating disorder though at this point I'd say I am doing a pretty good job of managing it. It stems mainly from depression and I feel like for the first time in my young adult life I finally have something of a grasp of control over that. It's a daily battle and finally I feel I am winning.

Binge and overeating disorder is a hard battle to win for several reasons. Reasons that are for another post. Right now, in this time and space, I want to look at an 'a-ha' moment I had when it comes to why so many of us find ourselves overeating, even if it doesn't come from an eating disorder.

We are overeating because we are malnourished.

An oxymoron? I'm not finished. We are overeating because we are lacking fulfillment in other areas of our lives. Be it relationships, career, adventure, family, what have you. Something in our lives is lacking, so we over compensate with nourishment from food. Food that comforts us, which means it's usually not that nutritious at all. Desperately we're trying to stuff that missing part with a quick fill of nourishment. But it's not working. But we don't know what else to do. But our lives are too busy to take a break and examine what else is going on, what it is we are missing.

This is a dangerous routine we have to work together to stop. We have to make the time to seek the proper nourishment our bodies and souls are craving. Our souls are just as important as our physical bodies and we have to become aware of what will sustain it just as we know we have to nourish our bodies with good foods.

Megan te Boekhorst