#locallove: spray happiness

There is tremendous power behind scent. It can change your mood, recall old memories, incite attraction or distract from the fact that you really need to clean the kitchen. Personally, smell became a ritual in managing my depression. When feeling low, the first thing I automatically do is light a candle, burn incense, start my nebulizer or spray some aromatherapy blends around me and my space.

The spray I can no longer go a day without is a local, artisan made, 100% natural brand made with love in Vancouver - Happy Spritz. All nine of their blends offer functional benefits and are simple, pure, in no way overwhelming, incredible scents. Even the names make me smile. My go-to is Good Morning Beautiful, with Namaste Ninja in such a close second. The blends in Good Morning Beautiful aren't exactly my usually adored scents. It's very fruity and filled with energizing citruses, which tend to completely turn me off. I think my obsession with it is just a testament to how well Happy Spritz carefully balances their blends. Namaste Ninja contains tea tree oil, known for its antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. It is a perfectly refreshing and grounding spray. It also has done wonders at covering up Begbie dog farts, which is no easy feat.

Having noticed the ease of finding overpoweringly girlie scents in the aromatherapy world (which generally include lavender, something I happen to be highly allergic to), Happy Spritz has intentionally and successfully included a fair share of masculine scents. Their branding is also incredibly gender neutral while remaining very appealing, a tough task to pull off. Fun names, frosted amber glass bottles and crafty brown paper wrapping are certainly attention catchers.

The only problem is I want to spray mine all the time, and at $28 a pop, my wallet is suffering. Luckily my guilt of spending is eased because a portion of their proceeds goes to benefit animal rescue. So in reality, I'm helping myself manage depression and all the adorable animals needing rescue with one purchase. Local win and self win.

And if I had a boyfriend, I would probably attack him with Woodsy Lumberjack every day. Which is probably why I don't have a boyfriend.

From the Happy Spritz Blog

From the Happy Spritz Blog

Megan te Boekhorst