Megan te Boekhorst, Toronto

Hi. I'm Megan.

I brought my West Coast soul to the city of Toronto in order to build the creative empire of my dreams. Never one to take the traditional route, I've lived life on my own terms since 1991. Currently working in Public Relations while rocking the side hustle lifestyle that brings me unstoppable passion. 

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#locallove: stroke your fire

I like to think I'm funny. Could be wrong, but I don't care. I believe myself to be funny, and clever, and a yogi. All things I like to infuse in my daily life.

I'm also a fan of empowerment and self development, no surprise. It's why I coach. It's why I founded Vibrant Lives. So toss those philosophies into my daily life also.

How do I pull it off? My style of course.

Inner Fire is a small Vancouver-based company that creates yoga apparel and lifestyle products for the urban yogi. Founded and created by yoga teacher and artisan Leah Emmott, Inner Fire offers a unique brand of clever and inspirational designs that can be worn on and off the mat. Their intention is to create designs that make people smile, laugh and feel inspired. It is Inner Fire, and Leah's, belief that through these subtle interactions, we can all help each other ignite the fires within us. I couldn't agree more.

Each shirt is made with love and screen-printed by hand. The leggings are inspired by the beautiful scenery of British Columbia and many are made from recycled water bottles. Plus, 10% of profits go to The School Fund, because the wonderful people at Inner Fire believe very strongly that education is the single most valuable gift that anyone can receive.

Wearing clothes from Inner Fire supports some wonderful people I know personally, helps young people peruse their passions and screams with personality. Good news for all you non-Vancouverites, Inner Fire is available to order online. My favourite these days is the 'Shake Your Asana' tank from the Laughing Yogi Collection. Check them out and tell me what strokes your inner fire?

Images above (without me) courtesy of Inner Fire. Photo below is just because I used to have long hair. And I didn't care. And it was taken while supporting Inner Fire, so it fits.

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