#locallove: the party of the summer (for runners)

As I shared in goal rocked, finish line crossed, I crushed a major goal when I ran the SeaWheeze half marathon. The run itself came with some pretty fantastic experiences, but one of the key things that draws me to SeaWheeze is the community it gathers.

Though only 10,015 runners are able to register (next year will be 10,016), the SeaWheeze team go all out for two days to ensure everyone has an incredible SeaWheeze experience, runner or not. All of Friday is the Pre-Wheeze party. Half of the Vancouver Convention Centre is taken over by runners and yogi's alike. There's free food, free temporary tattoos, free tarot readings and readings of a similar nature (I even had an 'angel reading' which to me was really strange but hey, I'm always open to the experience). Two yoga classes are hosted seaside, one at noon and one at sunset. With the run bringing in thousands of out-of-towners, it's just an incredible and breathtaking way to take in Vancouver and goes to highlight the community spirit that shows up every once in a while. Fake grass and chairs are laid out in Jack Pool Plaza which hosts the Olympic torch from the 2010 Winter Olympics. There was even a giant Scrabble board available to play with and a SeaWheeze special giant Twister mat, which people did play with! With such beautiful weather, it was a great place to spend the (birth)day and just chill in the sun with friends. For this alone, I recommend coming to town during SeaWheeze, just to experience it all.

The only downside was the SeaWheeze exclusive store. Honestly, from the sneak peaks and what I saw on people, I wasn't too impressed with the one-time only items they were selling for the weekend anyway. So I didn't get into the store until around 3 because I really didn't feel a pull. Even then, for a store that was supposed to be open for two days, I expected better. There was nothing in my sizes left (10 or 12) so I grabbed a size 8 top I really didn't consider special. Just wanted to commemorate the event with something. And though there were more size 4's and 6's available, including bottoms, what was there just wasn't nice. The SeaWheeze store always showcases the high function and technical products lululemon carries, the only difference is the fashion and patterns to them. And it was not that amazing. Plus the headbands, backpacks and socks they had left were regular lululemon products, the special SeaWheeze logo wasn't even printed on them, which really threw me. Compared to last year's incredible store, I saw it as a disappointing fail. But the company does really show in its history how it learns from mistakes so my fingers are crossed for better gear next year.

Of course, Saturday morning is all run focused. Because of my longer run time and lack of energy when I finished, I didn't take part in many of the run-day events like the free brunch (line up way too long for not enough food) or the free massages (which apparently had shut down by the time I finished anyway, what the heck SeaWheeze?). My point here is, they do like to take care of their runners which I don't see nearly as much in other runs.

My favourite part of SeaWheeze has to be the Saturday evening Sunset Festival, and this year's was better than ever (major props SeaWheeze team!). The food line up may have taken an hour making me miss the opening band, but the burrito was so good I stopped caring quickly. This year, the festival featured local artisans selling product where I picked up my new favourite necklace from Costal Chains and hope to get them in Brick and Mortar soon so I can keep admiring the stunning product. Plus, I now have the goal to get my own product showcased at the festival next year (PS major boutique news coming up. sign up to my email list to hear it first!). We missed the yoga, but Eoin Finn is always amazing, take a class with him if you ever have the chance. But the sun was out, we lounged on yoga mats and enjoyed the vibe of the night with thousands of other endorphin filled Vancouverites and non-Vancouverites alike.

Then Capital Cities came on and put on one hell of a show. I would see them live again in a heartbeat. As tired as my body was, I couldn't help but get up and dance. And the party went on through the night.

You're always guaranteed to have a good time when the party surrounds the running and yoga communities. So pencil in August 15th for next year's SeaWheeze, runner or not, because the community party is worth taking some time off work for and rocking your summer.


This #locallove post is super late and I do apologize for that. Due to wisdom teeth removal I was unable to write this any sooner and am actually typing at my parents' place with a really odd keyboard. Seriously, how does my mom not constantly misspell words on this thing, I've had to backtrack countless times. Anyway, due to that and the drugs I'm on, my writing may also not have been up to snuff so sorry about that too. As a way to apologize. I promise to share a picture of my lopsided swollen face when I get home. Seriously, I look like a lopsided chipmunk, it's hilarious. Also, when I get home is when I'll edit and share the Pre-Wheeze and Sunset Festival photos. Thank you for all your patience during this painful time.