rejuvenate your soul: send it slower than a turtle

Think: who is that person who you've been friends with since childhood? Who you've lost contact with and then got in touch with like a wave? We all have them. When we get together, there's lots of laughter, catching up and sharing of old (sometimes really old) memories. And those moments of catch up are so refreshing and grounding, even if they're separated by years.

My old friend is Brooklyn. We share a history with Sailor Moon and ketchup chips. We're both absolutely crazy. And by fluke, we ended up reuniting during our first year of university when we discovered we planned on attending the same school. It's a wonderful moment I will not forget.

Now she has graduated (I'm catching up) and moved to a whole new province to attend law school. My brain is filled with images of her as a six year old in the adorable Sailor Moon costume she had, making big moves in a courtroom. I was Sailor Mars of course, because she was the best. All that aside, I know it will be some time before we have another catch up lunch in person.

Thank goodness for Facebook. What would people do without you?

I found out my dear friend has become a runner and looked to me for advice (by the way, my first tip should have been avoid runner's knee at all costs). And from our conversation, I offered to grab her a pair of my favourite run crops to aid her in her run goals, then ship them out to her. When I made the offer, I had no idea how rejuvenating the act of sending physical mail would be for the soul. I didn't want to ship off the crops without a little personality. I took the time to craft a note, one to inspire and send love. I picked out one of my favourite past lululemon shoppers, which happened to be from the SeaWheeze half marathon. Packed it with a kiss and off the package went.


So here's my advice for you: pick up something special for your old friend. Find their address. Package it with love and don't forget to include a note. Walk it to the post office. And see how your soul feels afterward. I betcha it's good.

Megan te Boekhorst