sometimes, going for goals is scary. let's change that

There are often times where people are paralyzed with fear when it comes to the idea of reaching their goals. It's totally normal and a sign of a good goal, after all, goals should scare you a little.

One of my goals is to become a published author, and that terrifies me. Every time I put out content (including this stuff) I become nervous of judgement and ridicule. I often find this fear holds me back from running after some pretty wicked ideas. And that's not fair for you or me.

Here's one of my tips for pushing past that fear: look towards your strengths. Remember those strength statements I talked about earlier (and if you want help coming up with your personal strength statements, you know where to find me!). Whenever I feel fear holding me back from rocking my goals, I reread my strengths. It acts as a reminder that I am more than capable and deserving of reaching my goal. It brings me back to the way I feel when I do reach those goals. Strong, capable, fulfilled. You name it.

Doing this every time I feel that fear creeping up is how I keep pushing towards, and obtaining, my goals. It's how I landed an internship with lululemon athletica. How I crossed the finish line at the SeaWheeze half marathon. And how I plan to get a fully stocked, rocking boutique open come this October.

Let me know if it works for you.