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August horoscope courtesy of Spiritual Gangster. I have to say, not a bad horoscope to have.


A very happy and prosperous month Leo. Enjoy. There are some bumps on the road - we have many mini-eclipses this month (this is when planets activate eclipse points) - but overall happiness and success is not really affected. You’re in a strong party period now. The year ahead will be one long party, but this month more so. And, boy do Leos know how to party! Important to watch the weight this year - this is one of the down sides of the good life. Leos of appropriate age are very fertile these days. If there are areas of your life that need fixing, this is the month to do it. You’re at maximum personal power now.Leos are known for their “presence”. When they walk into a room, you know that they’re there. But this month the personal presence is even stronger. The personal appearance shines and the opposite sex takes notice. Love is very happy this month but still complicated. Singles are easily meeting new people and dating more. Existing relationships are much more harmonious. But the Love Planet is retrograde and so there’s no need to jump into any permanent commitments. Prosperity is strong too. Financial windfalls happen (the 1st to the 3rd looks especially good). Financial opportunity seeks you out. You’re not chasing after money, money is chasing after you. I can hear the laughter from miles away!

photo courtesy of Spiritual Gangster (who found it on Pinterest)

photo courtesy of Spiritual Gangster (who found it on Pinterest)

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Megan te Boekhorst