top ten must read articles from the issue eight of darling magazine

The art of being a woman is what Darling is all about. And it's not your typical glossy-paged, airbrushed modeled magazine. With photography worthy of being hung on a wall and content worth spending your time reading, I urge everyone to grab a copy before the summer issue is off the shelves. Once you have it in your hands, here are my top ten must read articles.

1. Let It Be Lonely "Loneliness isn't about proximity to others . . . it's about feeling understood." Knowing yourself and being comfortable with you can be tough in this socially saturated world. We may have thousands of social media followers, but many still experience loneliness. Let It Be Lonely is all about being true to you and being okay with that.

2. I'm Not Here, I'm Not There Our smartphones have become an additional limb thought to make us multitasking superheros thus getting us closer to 'having it all'. But is that the case? Maybe we should look at putting those things down more often and taking a breath now and then.

3. Unread: Manage Your Inbox, Maintain Your Life Speaking of stepping away from technology to keep sane, if your email is making you lose it, follow these tips to keep it all together.

4. Welcome Here When I'm asked what I'm reading and what's it about, I share info gleaned from this article right away, hands down. It's such a great example, blending femininity, socializing, the world and creating special experiences. It shares the traditions of hosting from around the world. Learn how Argentinians keep the energy high when having company, the art of perfection in Japanese ceremonies and the attentiveness you'd experience in Jordan.

5. Quick Fixes, Easy Tricks I'm a communications scholar, so it's no surprise I loved a critical look at the magazine industry tailored to teenaged girls. From it's hopeful beginnings, what their goals meant, to what we know them to be today. And how that reflects on our culture.

6. Perfectly Tailored Classy goes beyond an outfit. "It's not the color itself or the form it can take, but the confidence and assurance of a woman who chooses a simple and monotone dress, who knows that her qualities and her beauty are enough."

7. Nowhere To Go But Anywhere Like the article says, we all know it's not easy, especially financially, to travel. But go.

8. Deep Breath In Obviously I'm going to love anything where the opening paragraph defines bliss. But this article put into words so many of the ideas I've had around health and fitness. It proved to me that Darling is like no other.

9. From The Root, Stem And Leaves Working on my own blend of aromatherapy concoctions, this quick delve into the power of essential oils lit my fire to open the boutique up more than ever (p.s. I officially have a goal opening date in October, so stay tuned!). It also taught me the beauty that is Frankincense.

10. Putting On Pretty I surprise myself by being a fan of Lauren Conrad. But its well written articles such as this one, written by her not about her, that remind me she seems like a genuinely good soul. She looks at the definition of holistic beauty and how to live fully beautiful lives.

Megan te Boekhorst