introducing: the boutique

It's official: we are one month away from the launch of the boutique. It has been teased about for months but now you will be hearing all the insider scoop, right here. For the next thirty days, I will have all the details on the what, how and why behind each product. This thing comes with a lot of stories.

The most important story to share is the why behind the boutique. Personally, I've always had a desire to do awesome things. Which is a difficultly broad topic. And I am a difficulty diverse person. There are a lot of things that excite me, just ask my mom. The thought of me doing a handful of them at once tends to stress her out (love you mom!). So when I thought about how cool it would be to run a shop on my blog with products hand made by yours truly with love and intention, my imagination went wild with what those products looked like. And I saw it as a way to connect deeper by offering goal coaching services, further helping you connect with your raddest self. I was then faced with the question of what ties all these things together to create a cohesive, unified brand.

I've been pretty open with the fact that I have depression. For my specific situation, it comes from a chemical mix up in my brain and most of the time it feels like it's always just there. Even if I'm having a good day. So I have to become really strong at managing it. I discovered there were three key areas to successfully keeping my soul sane.


I need to be in a good physical space to be in a good mental space. When my apartment is a mess, I'm a mess. The two levels of mess also directly correlate. But it's more than that. My physical space needs to inspire me. It needs to fire up my creative juices. It needs to connect with who I am and remind me of that person when I feel lost.


It is an actual sign of depression for one to not shower regularly. Well, it's actually stopping practicing good personal hygiene techniques in general but for me the big one was showering. Do you realize how much energy that can take from a person? Not a lot, but when you're depressed you don't have a lot to begin with. So when I start to feel myself slipping, I make sure to toss in some extra TLC when it comes to my body. I take a bath, paint my nails, doll myself up with my favourite bracelet, wear my favourite scents. The list I posses of self-care spa ideas are endless. And they all work. Forcing myself to put in the effort to care for my body gives me space to just be. It's not a self-absorbed, narcissistic thing like I once thought. It's a way to connect with myself.


When I've checked in with home and body, I can look at my soul. I can reevaluate the path I am on and ask myself if it's where I really want to be headed. I look at my goals and ask what I can do today to reach them. I dig into what makes me feel strong. And if I'm really having trouble, I talk it out with a coach.

Working in three areas is what keeps me in balance and makes me feel grounded, and that's what in a sequoia is all about. It's really why I wanted to start a shop in the first place, once I really looked inward. And so, the boutique is born. Rejuvenating you - home, body and soul.

But what's actually in this boutique you ask? Stay tuned.

Okay I guess I can give you one sneak peek.

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