just start

I can be a bit of a perfectionist, it's true. When I'm really excited about something and envision big, beautiful outcomes, I want everything to work out exactly to plan. Take exact steps A, B and C to see the exact result I want. In that order. I am very particular about how I want my vision to turn out.

Certainly it comes to no surprise that this has often brought its own problems and held me back from accomplishing a dream or two. The perfect and most common example has to be naming. A lot comes when a project or idea has a name. Naming this blog for example made the whole dream a lot more real, was a shift from dream to vision. Putting a name to the blog meant, to me at least, that I could start. Sure I could have been drafting posts and saving them on my computer until a website was ready to go. But it didn't work that way in my silly brain. I needed a name first and foremost before anything else happened. A name would make it happen.

And I'm terrible at naming. Why do you think the boutique is taking so long? I have to put names to the products and services. Things need a title. Turns out, somehow, that's worse than coming up with a name for the website as a whole!

But the whole experience of preparing to launch the boutique has come with a very important enlightenment: sometimes things don't happen right away. Like naming. Sometimes you need to take step C before you finish step B. And that's okay. But what's really important is that you don't let it hold you back from starting. It may not be perfect, but just start. Just do it. Go for that dream. Make it a vision. Then make it a reality. Find the things you can work on while you ponder on the things that take time. Multitasking really. Just don't let one roadblock stop you from going for it in the