#locallove: did you know there are awards for this stuff?

Local business owners bleed their heart and souls into what they love. Put in 70 hours or more a week to avoid working 40 hours for someone else, on something that just doesn't light them up.

And they certainly deserve to be recognized for that, because what they do is amazing.

Enter the We Heart Local awards! Originating from a community-wide movement supporting local BC family-owned farms and food businesses, they recognize everything from wine to farms to markets. They do it because when we support our local food system, we’re getting behind quality food, care for the environment, as well as our local communities and economy.

That's a whole lot of reason to love local. There is just so much good behind it. So go vote.

Do it to help maintain high quality foods that are delicious to eat every season. Foreign foods travel long distances to reach us — compromising flavour, freshness and nutrition for shelf-life.

Do it because a drive to incorporate natural farming methods has positioned B.C's agricultural sector at the forefront of environmentally-friendly practices. In BC, farmers have reduced the use of fertilizers and herbicides, relying more on diversity of crops and rotation to nourish their soil. BC is also a global leader in the development and use of integrated pest management systems (IPM). Farmers use beneficial insects to control pests so successfully that chemical controls are hardly ever used in many sectors.

Do it to show your local area you want the same thing.

Do it because agriculture in BC is a community affair that benefits everyone. Farms in BC are 98% family-owned, so we know hard work and love are a big part of our province’s farming process.

Do it to invest in the economy. Agriculture and food is an expanding industry that employs nearly 62,000 people and generates approximately $12 billion a year. Your choice to buy local directly supports local farmers, businesses, and our economy.

Voting for the We Heart Local awards goes until September 16th and you can vote once a day per category.

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