#locallove: go out and explore the undiscovered

My discovery of Charlie & Lee took place when I was off to write a #locallove feature on someone else. I was out in a part of town I had never been in, hunting for a shop I had never heard of when this caught my eye.

The sign didn't actually belong to Charlie & Lee, but I bent down right next to their shop to catch that shot. I thought it was still worth sharing.

Charlie & Lee is an independently owned and operated store located on Union Street in Vancouver's Chinatown.  The great news is, there's also an online store so people from Northern BC to Australia can shop with them still!

Everything in the shop is handpicked and curated with love, paying attention to quality designers and up and coming labels, many of which are made in Vancouver. Unique but timeless. They focus on independent, local made in North America or ethically sourced goods.

It's a truly wonderful, boho shop I plan on walking into again. This time, intentionally.
Honestly, the aesthetic of the shop and its products speaks for itself. So here are two photos I was able to snap while in shop, and the following I stole from their Instagram.

Megan te Boekhorst