five ways to find more joy

Before the start of the New Year, we encouraged each of you to pursue more joy. We're three weeks in now and studies show this is when people start leaving their New Year goals behind. We don't want you to find yourself in a slump, looking for fulfillment but not finding any. With that in mind, we present five ways (super, duper simple ways!) to find more joy.

express gratitude

Maintaining an attitude of gratitude is a powerful thing. This can be as simple as thanking strangers for their actions (such as the person who held the door open for you or your barista at Starbucks) or maintaining a gratitude journal. If journaling isn't your thing, set an alarm on your phone that asks you what you're thankful for each day. This alarm becomes an intentional moment in time where the things you're grateful for cross your mind, boosting your joy.

If you want to go all out, host a gratitude party. Invite all the important, special people you want to thank over for a home-cooked meal. Make the evening about conversation and laughter. Thank each person for coming and for the impact they have had on you.

focus your mind

Things happen in life. Shitty things that we cannot control. Don't let them suck your joy away. Be intentional on how you think and react to these situations. Consider how your thoughts impact your mood. Allowing your mind to focus on the negative and frustrating aspects of life only works to hurt yourself further. It's a constant practice that requires mindfulness, but it soon becomes a part of your every day. In no time, you'll find yourself correcting miserable, self-pity thoughts.

Here's one example of a situation that required major mindfulness.

get sweaty

It doesn't matter how you do it - yoga, run, sex - pumping your heart rate is proven to pump endorphins. Mood boosting endorphins. So pull out your mat, dust off your runners, use that gym membership or grab your main squeeze and get your sweat on.


be intentional on who you share your time with

Relationships are tough. There may be times where you find friendships draining or partners who no longer support the things that make you happy. It may be time to make a break from this person. Our time is a finite resource, and who we spend it with directly effects our joy. Be sure to be respectful when ending a relationship that's no longer working for you, and understand that this may be really hard for the other person to hear. Remind them it doesn't mean they're a bad person, but the relationship is just no longer a healthy one.

try something that scares you

Conquering our fears brings a rush. It's confidence boosting. It's thrilling. It makes us smile when we've realized we did it. So go skydiving. Try horseback riding. Explore an unfamiliar city. Whatever it is that has been tempting you, but fear has been holding you back, let go. And go do it.

Megan te Boekhorst