journal your bliss

You are here because you desire a bliss-filled life. I mean, who wouldn't want that? The purpose of life may simply be endlessly chasing bliss.

There are many ways to explore feelings of bliss. And sometimes bliss comes by surprise. Either way, there is one sure-fire way to extend your bliss.

Journal it.

Nothing solidifies a memory more than putting pen to paper. It also provides the ability to return to a memory instantly, simply by rereading the pages.

This does not require a commitment to maintaining a daily diary. One way to journal bliss is by keeping a travel journal. Use one book to document only the adventures you take on lands far away. Or only journal the moments that bring you true bliss, like the feeling of reaching the top of a mountain or seeing a long-lost friend. Mundane days are still going to happen, and you have no obligation to your soul to record these.

Now I want to know: what are your most bliss-filled memories? Share in the comments below.

Megan te Boekhorst