living with hairy man legs

I have a weird skin. I always have and I really don't know how else to describe it. My doctor said something about 'irritated hair follicles' but all I really care about (at the moment) is that I am not allowed to shave.

Now I respect a woman's choice to not shave. Have at 'er. I, however, love the feeling of freshly shaved, smooth legs. I feel sexy after I shave. I feel like I am ready to take on the world after I shave. It is an expression of my femininity, and so it is a part of my identity.

So this whole no shaving deal really bummed me out.

That all being said, I have come to grow more comfortable with myself having lived with, what I call, hairy man legs. I've always been supremely self-conscious about my legs. I know they are not my most flattering body part. So when faced with the fact I will have to live with my hairy man legs, I had a tough choice to make: Do I cry, get all down and moody about it or do I embrace the hair?

It's all in your mindset my friends. The verdict of my no-shave prison could have caused me to be angry or embarrassed. Instead I am unapologetic and joke about how I'll be able to braid my man hairs in a couple of weeks or so. I'll still wear my yoga crops and lets the hairs poke out at the bottom. It's not ideal, but I'm not going to hide or stress about an outfit showing the world I have legs like a grizzly if its something I want to wear. After all, isn't this what black nylons were made for?

So when life doesn't go exactly the way you want it, chose not to moan or be angry. Acknowledge that it is a shitty deal and move on. Our world is all about perspective, and you are guaranteed to be a lot happier if you focus on the good than the annoying, small thing that didn't go your way.