discover fearless body confidence, inside out.

We've all been there, those moments where we feel really down and hate our bodies. Be it for a month, a day or even a few seconds, those moments really suck. The good news is, it's possible to change the way we see ourselves. And it starts with Fearless Body Confidence.

The beautiful (inside and out) Anastasia Amour has created an incredible tool to help you achieve Fearless Body Confidence. It's called Inside Out, and it's her first book of what I am sure will be many (psst. be sure to keep reading for a sweet discount on your copy of the book!).

Anastasia is the go-to source for women around the world wanting to stamp out self-inflicted negativity and embrace Fearless Body Confidence.

First thing I have to say is that Anastasia's mom wrote the forward to Inside Out, and that just warmed my heart. Not only is it a beautiful forward and tribute to a strong, wonderful woman, but it speaks to so many souls who need to hear the words Deborah Sproull has to say. The forward alone had me sold on the positivity the book would bring into everyone's life.

Anastasia describes Fearless Body Confidence as a state of being that is directly tied to living in the present. The book is a 14 day journey towards Fearless Body Confidence, filled with personal memories of Anastasia's past allowing readers to connect and relate to her on an authentically human level. She also shares some of her findings after years of psychology research that is clear and understandable, even without a psychology major. So much of Inside Out focuses on the concept of living in the moment and accepting everything you are.

Inside Out is good for women on all spectrums of the scale, whether you add it into your pre-existing eating disorder treatment plan or are a woman who considers herself strong and confident, but still encounters negative body thoughts now and then. It's not afraid to make us ask the hard questions of ourselves and pushes you to do the tough work, in a healthy way. It encourages and supports making tough decisions. I encourage you to treat the book like a journal and take your time with it! The pay off in the end is well worth the work.

three questions with anastasia amour

What was your motivation for writing Inside Out?

Pretty simply, it's the resource that I can only wish that I'd had access to at the lowest points of my self-esteem and body image. There are a lot of self-help books out there that fill your mind with "fluffy" advice (like "Take a baht and let go of your stresses!") on one end of the spectrum, and then highly scientific, psychological textbooks that unfortunately are delivered in a totally inaccessible manner at the other end of that spectrum - there's no middle ground. It was my goal in writing Inside Out to provide that much needed middle ground; scientifically and psychologically proven methods of behavioral change delivered in a way that's highly relatable for most women.

Why did you decide to involve yourself in body image advocacy?

Having experienced anorexia (and eventually bulimia as my condition morphed, as many do) from the inside, I know what its like to loathe yourself in every way. Whilst the help of counselors can be helpful, I also know that therapy isn't for everyone and that many individuals prefer to educate and empower themselves on their own terms - I'm one of those people. Through my personal experiences, studies in Psychology and Mental Health and my own research, it's my goal to provide sound and practical advice to women who prefer to do their own introspective work or who don't have access to a counselor.

How do you think body image can be improved for future generations?

I'm a huge believer that body image education needs to start at a young age (and before that even happens, we need to get the subject of body image to a point where it's widely recognized as a crucial component to self-development, losing the "frivolous women's concern" stigma that it has previously attracted). Having a positive body image and self-esteem ties in to so much of outside aspects of our lives - if we can teach kids and teens about safe sex, surely we can also teach them about how to get to know their own bodies? Importantly, we also need to be teaching our young people that your body isn't an indication of your value as a human being. There are some very blurry boundaries that we've put up around the idea of what it means to have a body, and we need to tear those down, right now. It's the only way forward.

And I have really exciting news for you all. Anastasia is giving you the VIP treatment with 15% off her debut title. All you have to do is use the code 'GROWINSIDEOUT' to claim the deal. Trust me when I say, this is a book you want on your shelf for yourself and your loved ones.