holiday party shopping 101

I consciously work to live an attitude of gratitude year round. However, the holidays make a great excuse to flamboyantly show that attitude of gratitude a little bit more. This year I decided I wanted to do something special for my nearest and dearest friends by throwing them a little holiday bash. 

Not being one to do things the easy way, I am elbow deep in planning how to make this party stand out and what its unique twist will be. Of course as the party hasn't happened yet, I can't reveal all my secrets. But I thought I would let you in my number one tip for ensuring a party to remember: decor. 

When hosting a party in your home, the best way to make an impression is to decorate your space specifically for the party. Find one specific source of inspiration and create a general theme from that inspiration as to what your decor will be. It doesn't have to be crazy or fancy either. My theme is white with pops of natural greens. Easy and simple. That being said, pretty much nothing in my apartment is white. So it was time to do some shopping. 

To keep it stress free, I stuck to a store whose general aesthetic matched my theme. In New Westminster, this was Lofty Living hands down. Their clean and feminine aesthetic matched exactly the look I was going for. And the other day I was off shopping! Check out my discoveries inside the doors of Lofty Living in the photos below.