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Hi. I'm Megan.

I brought my West Coast soul to the city of Toronto in order to build the creative empire of my dreams. Never one to take the traditional route, I've lived life on my own terms since 1991. Currently working in Public Relations while rocking the side hustle lifestyle that brings me unstoppable passion. 

In A Sequoia is for those who own being a bad ass, vulnerable bitch. A source of inspiration for creating intention. Be unapologetically true to yourself. Live #thesequoialife.


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inspire their mind

inspire their mind

The holistic lifestyle invests in body, mind and soul. Invest in the holistic health of those you love. Here are 5 gift ideas that inspire the mind. 

Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling 

Some people have spirit animals, I have a spirit person. And that person is Mindy Kaling. I absolutely loved her first book, and I think the second one is even better. Despite Mindy Kaling's massive success recently, she manages to stay down-to-earth and relatable in her storytelling. And funny as hell. This read with have your loved one laughing, reflecting back on their own history and believing in their own abilities to pursue their passions. 

Why Not Me? is available online and in stores at Chapters/Indigo for $32.00.



Rising Strong by Brene Brown

Brene Brown's work encourages readers to explore vulnerability, worthiness and shame. Rising Strong is no different. In it, she shares the stories of people being brave, falling down, then getting back up again. Because when we get into a place of vulnerability it certainly takes courage, and it can often experience falls. But in that moment of falling and rising, we learn so much about who we are at our core. 

Rising Strong is available online and in stores at Chapters/Indigo for $35.00


Mandala Magic Colouring Book For Adults

Psycologists are now saying that colouring has similar health benefits as meditation. So give your loved one permission to let out their inner child with this beautiful colouring book. It forces people to focus and allow their subconscious to let go. 

Mandala Magic is available online and in stores at Chapters/Indigo for $14.99.


Digital Subscription to Pure Green Magazine

I was heartbroken when Pure Green announced they would no longer produced a published quarterly. I 100% understood the why, but I'm selfish and loved having their beautiful images and words in hand. That being said, the quality of content produced by Pure Green is still worthy of a digital subscription. Pure Green is inspired, conscious living, and would be an incredible gift for any loved one. 

Subscriptions are made online and start at $18 for 3 months. 


Open Heart, Open Mind by Clara Hughes

Clara Hughes is a leader at the forefront of ending the stigma surrounding mental illness. In her book, Clara describes her personal journey through physical and mental pain while living with depression. She describes how she finally reached a point where love and understanding could thrive. Her story will touch your loved one's heart. 

Open Heart, Open Mind is available online and in store at Chapters/Indigo for $32.00


It's always hard to limit the number of books I include on these gift guides - I'm such a book nerd. But I know these picks will truly inspire, motivate and uplift your loved one or even yourself! I want to hear from you now. What book are you hoping to find under the tree? Let me know in the comments below. 

Want to know what really makes this gift guide special? None of the items in it were sponsored or promoted by anyone! These are legit, unpaid opinions. 

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