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Do you know someone who needs to rekindle their fire? The spark that wakes them up every morning needs a shake up? Or maybe someone who just needs a little more self confidence and self love? Here are five fantastic gift ideas to inspire their soul. 

root to rise goal coaching package

Again, shameless plug warning. Give them the gift of a year of goal coaching with yours truly. 12 months of support, encouragement and butt-kicking towards goals, values and bliss. 

Root to Rise is available for $100.00 and you're able to book online for your loved one. P.S. an inside source tells me the prices will be rising in 2016, just in case you're on the fence. 


Inside Out by Anastasia Amour

This is the book for anyone who could use a self confidence, body image boost and support. So, essentially, everyone. You can read my full review of Inside Out here to learn how I felt about the incredible 14 day journey. 

Inside Out is available in paperback or ebook online, starting at $15.00 AUD.


a rock your bliss retreat 

So, they don't have anything scheduled at the moment, but the team at Rock Your Bliss always put on incredible bliss-crafting, soul lifting retreats. Promise that special someone you'll send them off on the next Rock Your Bliss adventure (it could be in Mexico!) for yoga, sand and happiness. 


the prana mala from mala collective

I feel naked without my mala. It is my physical reminder to stay grounded, follow my goals and connect with what gives my fire energy. Prana translates to 'vital life' from Sanskrit. It is the energy we have to live, breathe, dream and manifest our intentions. The Prana Mala helps free internal prana and promote vital energy. Perfect for anyone whose soul is seeking fulfillment. 

The Prana Mala is available online from Mala Collective for $77.00. 


citrine crystal cluster from tiny devotions

Citrine is known to energize one's zest for life, cleanse the chakras, raise self-esteem and self-confidence. It is also thought to impart joy, wonder, delight, and enthusiasm. A fantastic crystal for manifesting and regaining that energy and drive to do what makes your soul happy. 

The Citrine Crystal Cluster is available online from Tiny Devotions for $184.00. 

And that marks the end of this year's holiday gift guide! With only nine days left to Christmas, who do you have to shop for still? 

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Want to know what really makes this gift guide special? None of the items in it were sponsored or promoted by anyone! These are legit, unpaid opinions. 

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