chasing mountains

At the beginning of January, I created my first ever mood board. I was really surprised that it took so long for me to do. Mood boards had been something I've long admired and I knew of their usefulness having graduated with half of my degree focusing on media art and design. So with my first one I knew I'd fall in love.

My January mood board was for the entire 2015 year. But with it, I decided to make a mood board for each month. I am really looking forward to seeing their evolution as 2015 is bound to be a year with big changes.

February's theme is chasing mountains. I'm doing a lot of the foundation for some big, scary projects within these 28 days. How exactly this collection of imagery translates to this, I'll leave up to your imagination. Just know that it's really exciting stuff for the both of us.

Any regular mood board creators have tips for me? Share in the comments below.

Megan te Boekhorst