the goal stone

Crystals and semiprecious stones have held a worldwide fascination for years. After all, we all know diamonds are a girl's best friend. Many 90's babies dreamed of finding the brilliant 'Heart of the Ocean' blue diamond fictionalized in The Titanic. They make for visually stunning decoration.

Crystals have also been used in healing dating back thousands of years. Their ability to absorb and transmit energy aid in bringing balance to our selves and our space. One stone in particular is excellent to use in aiding your goals: Carnelian.

The key attribute of carnelian is that it grounds and anchors you in the present reality - it keeps you in the moment. With its high vibration, it restores vitality, motivation and stimulates creativity. It helps you trust yourself and your desires, bringing clarity to what it is you truly want. It is a stone of action.

All that good stuff translates into goal action. It promotes positivity in your life, keeps you focused on what's important and propels you into motion. It's easy to find - pretty much any store that carries crystals is bound to have some carnelian - and is usually tumbled. For your house, place it near the front door to invite abundance or have it in the far left corner of your home to stimulate energy toward your business and wealth. Commonly associated with your svahisthana chakra (or sacral chakra), placing your carnelian just below the bellybutton helps activate your creativity and enthusiasm. It also works wonders as a pendant.

If you feel your goals need an extra hand, pick up some carnelian today.