i want to hear from you

Things have gotten a little crazy at the in a sequoia offices (aka my living room). With Find Your Goal'd only days away (eleven. Eleven short, quick, omg-is-this-really-happening, how-is-it-already-april days away), a new collaboration with The Network Hub, Got Craft in one month, looking towards the future (intentionally vague, sorry), a new program having started only a couple weeks ago (subscribers already know what I'm talking about), and the general running of day-to-day tasks, there is never a dull moment in life. I feel as though great, big, amazing achievements are being made every other day and I want to celebrate!

But I want to celebrate with you.

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Of all of social media, Instagram has to be my favourite. I'm a photography junkie (I have a camera tattooed on my leg people). I love the visual medium and the community feel I have going on my feed. And it's been seeing a lot of growth over the last little bit. In fact, I'm starting to get into the 500 zone. Because of that, I've decided to do a give away when I hit 500 followers.

The question is what?

This is where you come in. What would you want to win? A jar of Karuna perhaps? Maybe some goal coaching time? Or a sample of a super secret, top notch new product not to be seen until the summer? I want to know. Leave a comment below to share what I should give away as a celebration of this awesome community.

Megan te Boekhorst