meet an ambassador: kiana

In A Sequoia subscribers already got the low-down last month: We're introducing a new program to the in a sequoia and Karuna wheelhouse. The Brand Ambassador program launched near the end of March, welcoming two rad women to the community. But what does this mean? First off, their every day is reflective of our core values: community, passion and mindfulness. They are goal driven. Second, they get to test any and all Karuna products (because yes, more will be coming!) to make sure we bring you the best and most luxurious line. They are here for you. They are going to provide all you need to know about Karuna, the good and the bad. And finally, they get to engage with you from a place of authenticity. They are not employees of in a sequoia and they speak from their heart.

Today you get to meet the courageous, inspiring and fun Kiana. Learn more about her and check out her social spaces below.

Kiana is a charismatic, passionate, and kind individual with a sense of adventure and a love for nature. If there is anything she cannot live without, it’s her iPhone. She is constantly communicating with the other co-founders of Community for a Sustainable World(CSW), organizing events or inspiring the day with motivational posts. In a nutshell, the CSW vision is to support developing communities by introducing sustainable solutions for growth, which is also Kiana's biggest goal.


Her friends say that she is a breath of fresh air and a constant source of support and positivity. She has great understanding of how her reactions to things will impact herself and those around her. With that, she is able to decide what she takes on and what simply slides off her shoulders. She knows what's worth the energy and what's not. Yet despite Kiana's immense maturity and forward thinking, she definitely texts like a tween! She can't go a day without a new idea, usually about what her next step is. Her crazy laugh is contagious - you have been warned.

Be sure to follow Kiana on Instagram as well as Community for a Sustainable World and Karma and Soul!


Some of the photos shown on this page are from the talents of Rachel McCreesh and Eddie Lin.

Megan te Boekhorst