meet an ambassador: maria

Earlier you met Kiana, now it's time to get to know Maria. The first thing you'll be drawn to are her stunning mood boards (no joke) and keen design eye. But you'll stick around for her heart and spirit.

Maria is a 24-year-old blogger who wants to create and circulate as many beautiful things as she can. She’s got a Bachelor of Science under her belt and is still figuring out what she wants to do for the rest of her life. She loves everything about the Pacific North West but particularly loves all that Vancouver has to offer. High quality paper, gold details and nicely cut salmon sashimi makes her heart race a little faster.

She loves to read but find writing quite difficult. She feels very comfortable behind a camera but will rarely let someone take her picture. She lives in the Burnaby Heights and frequents many of the local businesses. If you ever need a recommendation about where to eat, shop, explore- she’s your girl. Get inspired with her through pinterest, tumblr and instagram.

Five facts about Maria

1.     She has 27 first cousins.

2.     She loves Harry Potter but isn't confident about which house she'd be sorted into.

3.     She broke her ankle skateboarding down a half pipe when she was 15.

4.     She has an intense love for patterns and colour, but her wardrobe is almost entirely black and grey.

5.     Her favourite dogs are Shiba Inus.

And there's even more things Maria on her newly launched blog, Pine + Paper.



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