boho wallpaper round-up - includes four free downloads!

When it comes to inspiration and motivation, I'm a highly visual person. I find it so easy to look at an image and be reminded to stay the course and work towards my goals. As I've been working on building in a sequoia, learning the ins and outs of business, I've relied on this trick to keep me going. One of my favourite methods is updating my computers' (because yes, I have more than one) desktops. So I've decided to find a bunch of my favourite desktop wallpapers for your enjoyment, all free to download and use. Just click on the image to grab the wallpaper you want. Enjoy!

Design Love Fest collaborated with Rachel Green to bring this splash of colour. A reminder to stay wild, bright and fun.

A pretty self-explanatory wallpaper from Brianna Rose. Sometimes we need a direct kick to get our asses in gear. So make it happen.

Jordan Brantley created this fun geometric pattern and reminder for Lovely Indeed. Most of you will know my workshop series Find Your Goal'd, so the gold foil-like details of this piece immediately bring my goals to mind.

Lastly, this combination of fun, bohemian pattern with a killer intention-setting quote by Joy Laforme. Ultimate wallpaper motivation brought to you by Jess Lively.

Megan te Boekhorst