five ways to create the perfect space to set your vision

Setting a vision takes practice. It requires looking deep within ourselves and asking some tough questions. It's understandable if you feel some discomfort about the process. So here are five ways to create the perfect space for you to focus on your vision.

1. cleanse the space

There are so many ways to cleanse the space, so do what feels right to you. My preferred method is smudging. Its origins are with Native American traditions and I put a good amount of stock in rituals that have existed for thousands of years. I tend to use dried white sage and wave the smoke in complete circles to symbolize wholeness. Also focus on perimeters, corners and doorways. Take a moment to cleanse yourself as well. Use this time to calm your mind and find your center.

2. light some candles

I often seek spaces with a lot of natural light when working on my vision. But no matter what light I am in, I make sure to light a candle or two. The act is calming in of itself and a little extra mood lighting never hurt anyone (unless you aren't fire safe of course). I even tend to use the flame from the candle to light my sage. Focus on the flicker of the candle and take some deep, slow breaths.

3. put out your crystals

Ensure the vibrations of the space are in tune with the universe to help you focus and connect. Be sure to include some carnelian.

4. set the scent

Pick some of your more calming and balancing essential oils and get your diffuser going. My pick is always neroli. It's a bit of a sedative, aiding you calm inside and out. This will also help reduce any anxiety you might feel.

5. make it comfy

Now's the time to throw out the pillows. Lots of them. Include some blankets if you want. You want to sit comfortably in whichever space your chose. Make sure you are okay to be in one spot for some time. Because you're going to want to give yourself as much time as you need.

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