have a 'goal' morning

I am not a morning person. First off, beds are comfortable. You're all warm and snuggle-y and the thought of willingly leaving that situation is not okay in my books. Secondly, my brain is not at full functional capacity until two things have happened: 1) coffee is in my system and 2) the hour of the morning has hit the double digits. As a person who likes to think, be expressive and get shit done, a non-working brain just peeves me off. So besides social obligations such as work or brunch dates, there is no getting me to move from the cocoon of my sheets. Oh, except for this one other thing.

My goals.

goal morning h.jpg

The idea behind your goals is to have them motivate you to get your ass in gear. For me, that means my goals have to be scary-exciting enough to get me up and moving in a day. If a goal isn't getting me out of bed, its not big enough. To make my mornings even more motivating, I follow a easy routine to drive my goal success even further.

First thing's first, my yawning booty has a serious need for a washroom. If my bladder isn't telling me to head that way, it's my morning breath. Like me, you probably spend a good chunk of time waking up in the lavatory too. Whether you're sitting on the loo or mindlessly brushing your teeth, use this time to refresh and rejuvenate your mind with your vision and goals. You can keep a copy of your entire 10 year vision and goals on hand or do what I do and have your one-year goals in a decorative frame. Give these a read over to inspire and remind yourself why you're actually happy to be out of bed that day.

Next, I take five minutes of the morning to meditate on my why. Sometimes I grab my mala and repeat a certain mantra once over, something related to a goal I'm struggling with or specifically work on. Other times I'll be standing in the shower letting my Karuna soak in for full benefit, envisioning my 10 year future while getting a bit of a java buzz going. 

With the energy that comes from the what and the why, I ask myself what I'll be doing today to get closer to that beautiful vision and big, scary goals. The clarity on what action I will be taking is key to what the rest of my day will look and feel like. Not leaving it up to chance means it's going to be good.

But like I said, my brain can be dysfunctional in the morning. It has a serious impact on my memory and if I only think of what I'll do to get myself where I want to be, I'll forget and never do it. So I write it all down. Each step I plan to take gets its own post-it note. Each post-it note gets stuck on the wall near my door to remind myself of my plans when I leave the house, and as a check in at the end of the day to see if I actually did what I set out to do.

The last part of my routine for a goal-ing morning is easy. Tell someone. For me, it's my mom. We chat every day, usually a good-morning text in the am with a how-was-your-day text at night. So I'll fill her in on my plans that morning knowing she's going to ask me later if I actually did it. And if you know my mom, you know she's not going to let me weasel out of a goal.

My morning routine is pretty solid when it comes to seeing success for my goals. Everything else morning-wise is a mess of course, but hey life is never perfect. To make it easy for you to start having a goal morning (get it, like good morning but with goals? I'm not very punny, sorry), I created a downloadable checklist for you to print off and have at your bedside - ready to tackle your morning right.

I want to hear from you! In what way does your morning routine contribute to your goal achieving success? Share in the comments below!