my (second) favourite free resource for vision + goal setters

You may not know this, but I'm a little obsessed over Pinterest. It is a constant source of inspiration and motivation for me. It is a resource for tools and tricks. It is my reliable source for decent blog photos (guilty). And it is a place to creatively share experience.

Long ago, I began pinning tools and motivation for your vision and goals. It is a board that has developed as a place for those just beginning the practice as well as those who are well versed. On it you will find additional methods of displaying your goals - such as this easy-to-rotate weekly goal list that will help you accomplish the tasks to rock your big goals. There are also motivational mantras you can utilize to keep you on the right path. Some pins are even designed to help you shift your mindset into more productive and helpful ways of thinking and processing this crazy life around you.

Checkout my vision & goals board below. Dig through the pins of goal juicey-ness and see what speaks to you. Share in the comments below what pin really connected to you and why, I'd love to know!

Oh, and why is this my second favourite free resource? If you're a subscriber, you already know.