why you need to write your goals down

There's a reason I force my clients to write out their goals. And when I say force, for some of them I mean it. There's a sense of feeling committed when we write down our goals (which is only partially true, you aren't caged in.) But that commitment is a powerful thing! You should seek out dedication to rocking your goals, they are what you want in life after all! And if they aren't, we need to talk because its time for a little reevaluation. Your goals are meant to light you up inside. They are supposed to be a little scary, but not so scary the idea of writing them out makes you freeze up. When you write them down, it strengthens the wires in your brain that work towards achieving your goals. It connects the creative half of your brain with the logistical half. And when all parts of your body are working towards rocking your goals, magic happens.

Write that shit down. It gives you drive.