express your authentic self, on your wall

I've been revisiting my vision and goals lately. I'm very overdue for an update, you see. Like, really overdue. But the time has provided a fresh new prospective on my practice. Time, and maybe my new job in home decor PR.

While fine-tuning my vision, I began to notice a great deal of my focus was going into envisioning the details of my home. What colour palette I chose for each room, how soft the blankets on my bed were, what my home smelled like as I walked through the halls. In particular, I noticed the items I decided to prominently display on my wall. Photographs and art that didn't actually exist yet came into my mind clearer than anything else.

In these details, and in their clarity, I realized the decor I envisioned spoke greatly on who I am and who I want to be as a person. They were not only reflective of my achievements or experiences, but my style and my expression of 'me'. It was such a fun discovery but it got me thinking, does my current decor reflect who I authentically am?

In short, not so much. I needed an artistic update. 

So I headed over to the amazing Art Marketplace at and explored for hours. I got lost in the insane talent of the independent artists whose limited edition pieces I could have on my walls representing exactly who I am. To start, I selected a few key works to proudly adorn my entry hall with.

The first piece I had to have was the photograph in the center of the gallery wall: 'Soaring Sequoias' by Matthew Sampson. I'm confident the reason why is obvious, if not go read my About page please. I'll wait here for you.

I was next drawn to 'Amythest' by Naomi Ernest. A mix of ink and watercolor juxtapose a rigid geometric shape with blended organic color. The series was inspired when the artist explored gems with her 4-year old daughter. In fact, her daughter helped choose, blend and paint the watercolors of the final gems in a series of well loved crystals (next on my list is citrine of course, but I'd love to see her do carnelian). In this work I found the faith in the universe and spiritual sides of me. It had to be a part of my home.

The final two pieces came together to speak of my love of nature, from ocean to birds. Smaller, to compliment the importance of the first two in my life.

The best part about shopping with Minted is supporting independent artists. The second best part is that your prints can arrived framed in a variety of styles. When they showed up at my door, all I had to do was decide where to hang them, making my job that much easier.

So I challenge you to ask yourself: does the art on your wall express who you truly are? Reflective of your goals, values and vision? And if not, what would that look like? Will you change that?

And if you need inspiration on expressing your authentic self through art, be sure to head to Minted and browse the endless possibilities.