how i got into body care with intention

July 24th marks the one year anniversary of in a sequoia. To mark the occasion, I'm sharing the hows, whys and whats behind this business with intention every Friday leading up to the big event. To start, I'm sharing the story behind Karuna and the mission to create mindful body care products.

If you're in the Vancouver area, be sure to celebrate in person at Growing Taller.

A lot of things came together around the same time, leading to the creation of Karuna. I was already thinking about launching a goal coaching business. My time in university was nearing an end. I began a part-time job in a designer boutique. I was looking for something to fulfill my creative needs.

This was the foundation of Karuna, and in turn, in a sequoia.

My bosses at the boutique encouraged me to create a product to be sold in the shop. I needed to create something unique that wasn't already carried. Plus, it had to be in my skill set.

That pretty much narrowed it to apothecary. I loved creating my own face masks more than actually using the face mask. My three months working at Lush Cosmetics taught me so much about the benefits of natural products. Though that time was short, everything they taught us stuck with me. And the value in natural, earth-given ingredients is endless.

As a goal coach, I've framed my work around living with intention. If I was going to combine my coaching services with a product line, it had to made sense. It had to serve clients in a wholesome, mindful way. So every step around creating a body care product, and eventual line, had to be intentional. 

When I formulated the recipe, every ingredient was introduced for a reason. It served an important, intentional purpose. As a whole, the product was designed to heal mind, body and soul. I was mindful of every step in the process.

Then came the name. Karuna, Sanskrit for compassion. The label was made to be simple and clean, the product inside was the star.

Slowly, my brand was coming together. Finding bliss by working on strengthening your mind, body and soul. Living with intention in every day, decision and action.

I was seeing a vision for the business. It was forming. We'll get into it more but that's for next week. Karuna started with a coffee scrub, but on July 24th it expands into a full, complimentary product line. Every decision in the process stayed true to the initial foundation: mindful decisions designed for those living with intention. I'm still not ready to reveal what's coming, but one new product is actually in the photo below. Any guesses?