why i don't look like a runner - and why that's totally okay

I run, now and again. I'll be honest, I'm not the best at sticking to my training plan. But I do run. And occasionally I enjoy it.

I've run a 5K, 10K and a half-marathon. I'm doing a half-marathon again in August. So I'm actually able to accomplish a good distance and a semi-slow pace.

photo by zoya jiwa

photo by zoya jiwa

But I sure don't look like a runner.

There's the obvious, I am overweight. Plenty of overweight people run, but you still get 'the look'. I got over it a long time ago. Then add to that, my running clothes have gotten a little small on me. It's awkward but high quality running clothes are important to me. I've felt the difference, I can't go back. And plus sized exercise clothes are just awful. So I'm an overweight woman in lululemon clothes that are just a tad too small. Then you get to my face. Usually, I run at the end of the day so I still have a face full of make-up. My hair was slightly too short for a decent pony-tail and for a while I went with pig-tails. It was adorable yet kind of Catholic school girl like. Toss in my hipster glasses and from my shoulders up, you don't think 'runner'.

I laugh about it, but it's not always easy. I read it on people's faces as I run by them (yet they don't seem to grasp the fact that I'm running by them).

But it's totally okay that I don't look like a runner. Doesn't mean I can't run. Running has been a fundamental part of my health goals for a number of years. With each 5K, 10K and 21.1K I keep rocking those goals, despite others expectations or assumptions. Our goals may surprise those around us. Our goals may not be something they imagined us wanting to do. They may not think we are 'the type' to want to do x, y, z. And that's okay. What others preconceived notions of who you are do not define who you are. They do not have to dictate our goals. Those thoughts and opinions don't have to stop our goals from coming to life. Believe in yourself and rock those goals. Your opinion of you is what counts.