ten methods of self love

Loving yourself is a priority. I'm going to say that radical idea one more time, just so it's clear. Loving yourself is a priority. If you need some help in that department, here's some tips.

ten methods of self love

1. Slow down and breathe. Connect to the present moment and give your mind some time to ground itself.

2. Unplug. Spend time with you away from technology. Read a good book, practice yoga, get out in nature. Just separate yourself from all consuming, fast moving world of technology.


3. Cook yourself a wholesome, balanced, healthy meal. Nourish your body with goodness. Wholefoods and plant-based work best.

4. Laugh. Laugh from the roots of your soul. Comedy movies or stand up shows are a great aid. I recommend Aziz Ansari.

5. Give yourself a beauty day or hour. Scrub it up. Connect with your body with a little TLC. Natural beauty practices are good for your outsides and insides.

6. Pursue your goals. Schedule time to specifically work towards your vision.

7. Make room for love by mindfully letting go of stress.

8. Give love. Spend time around those who you love, and love you back. Share in the love and you'll ultimately pick up on their love of you and your love of them. Love multiplies when it's around love.

9. Stop the negativity. Give yourself compliments. Think positive. Speak positive. Search for optimism.

10. Acknowledge you are worthy of love, and it starts with loving yourself.