believe in magic

I believe in magic. I really truly do.

For one, it’s fun to believe in magic. To be open to the unknown. It brings a sense of excitement in your day-to-day life because believing in magic means you are open to witnessing incredible experiences at any moment.

I believe in crystal healing and meditation. I believe in cleansing a space, a body and a mind.

But here’s the catch with magic. When it happens, it’s mostly because of you.

If you think of traditional narratives of magic, someone has to do something to make it happen. Cast a spell, wave a wand, mix a potion. With magic, there’s an element of human interaction. The same goes with the magic I believe in.

The magic of goals to me is the fire fueling motivation that pushes you to actually achieve the goal. Then there’s the magic that comes with actually rocking a goal - who doesn’t love that. But that magic takes work. From you.

The magic of believing in the universe has always been in my life one way or another. I don’t remember when she started telling me (almost daily it feels), but I think one of my mother’s favourite phrases is ‘everything happens for a reason’. It’s the sense that the universe has your back, and a logic that guides it. But you have to listen to the universe. Listen to where it guides you.

Believe in magic. Put in the work that creates magic. It’s a way better way to live.

Megan te Boekhorstgoals