20 ways to treat yourself in 20 minutes

Let's be honest: you deserve hours of love and self-care in the form of massages, manicures, facials - whatever your heart desires. But the reality is it can be tough to squeeze in just 20 minutes of TLC between work obligations, family and having a social life. Don't waste that 20 minutes trying to figure out how to give yourself a treat: here are 20 ways to treat yourself in 20 minutes. 

1. Get under the blankets and read a short story. Or better yet, grab a book like Why Not Me or Not That Kind Of Girl. They are highly entertaining reads that are broken down into small, digestible stories. You don't feel like you're missing out on more if you only have the chance to read one or two at a time. 

2. Meditate. Whether you count your mala beads or just sit and breathe, 20 minutes of meditation can change your entire mindset for the rest of the day. 

3. Break out your creativity with an adult colouring book

4. Light a candle, get an essential oil diffuser going and relax in the bath. I'd recommend a bath salt blend such as Karuna's to heighten the experience and extend the benefits. 

5. Enjoy a cup of tea. Include some biscuits of course. 

6. Have a pet? Spend some time with them. Play, cuddle, groom... A little animal love can go a long way. 

7. Blast your favourite playlist and get dancing. Sweat the stress away!

8. Have a DIY mini pedicure. Soak your feet in some warm water with a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Follow that up with a foot scrub, massage on some body lotion and trim your toes. Skip the polish if you don't have the time, what's better for you is the body care work beforehand. 

9. Walk to your near-by desert stop and pick up a pastry. It's called balance. 

10. Pick up the phone and call someone you love. Your mom, your partner, your long-distance BFF. Sometimes all you need is a good conversation. 

11. Learn a new skill. Spaces like Skillshare offer a lot of online classes where you can learn something new in no time. 

12. Write. Grab a blank sheet of paper and write whatever comes to mind. Stream of consciousness writing is a great way to let off some steam. 

13. Catch-up on your favourite blog. I recommend Jillian Harris, Alicia Fashionista, Glitter Guide, The Everygirl or Best Friends For Frosting. Oh, and here of course. 

14. Get messy and give yourself a good Karuna scrub!

15. Play the game you loved as a child. For me, it was probably Solitaire. Getting the cards organized instantly brings back memories of not having a clue how to play the game as well as the first time I won.

16. Buy some flowers and take time arranging them. Then spend extra time appreciating their beauty and simplicity. Get lost in the scent. Really enjoy the flowers. 

17. Take a bike ride through the park. 

18. Sing. Sing loud and badly. Sing uninhibited. Sing in the car or sing in the shower. Just let it all out and sing. 

19. Sit on a bench outside and people watch. Enjoy being outdoors and observing the natural rhythm of your city. 

20. Tell yourself you are worthy. Tell yourself you are beautiful. Tell yourself you love yourself.